During the past year I have been trying to be more committed about journaling. One reason I journal is for the catharsis one gets from putting your feelings down on paper. I also hope to improve my writing skills by journaling. But those aren’t the only reasons I journal. I also journal as a way to preserve memories. I realize that twenty years down the line, my recollection of my current life will be dodgy at best.

That is why I bought a notebook the weekend I was married. As wonderful as the experience was, I knew that I wouldn’t remember many details decades from now. So I started a new journal in the hopes that I could preserve bits and pieces of my current experiences. And in the two years since my marriage, I have tried to record my thoughts and feelings as diligently as possible.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I am going to become a Father (a “Daddy” more likely). I’m going to have all sorts of wonderful and smelly experiences as a result. I want to save as many of them as possible, so I’m going to be journaling even more frequently. I’m also going to try to follow the advice found in this post about writing about my memories. It seems a little daunting to try and remember events from the distant past. But if I can still recall the words to the opening of The Six Million Dollar Man, surely I can conjure up some memories from my own life.