As an attempt to compel myself to post content more regularly, I’ve come up with the bright idea of designating certain topics to specific days of the week. For the time being I’ve only decided on posting music related ideas on Mondays. I’m calling it “Music Monday” (clever isn’t it?). So here is the inaugural entry for Music Monday. Enjoy.

A buddy of mine from college (aka Pimp D) alerted me to a British chanteuse by the name of Adele recently. If you haven’t heard any of her material, you should immediately set out to rectify that situation. She only has one album under her belt so far, but it is a very impressive piece of work.

adeleHer debut album is entitled “19” which I believe is a reference to how old she was when she recorded it. The genre that best describes the music is probably neo-soul. So it falls into the same category as Amy Winehouse and Duffy, in case you are familiar with their stuff. I’ve also seen her compared to Dusty Springfield, so that should give you some idea as to how her voice sounds, as well as how highly she is regarded.

The arrangement on the album is pretty interesting. While there are some highly polished and produced songs such as the single “Chasing Pavement”, other tracks are very stripped down and feature only a couple of instruments. Hopefully she’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls of her colleague, Winehouse, because she has the potential to produce some really interesting music. I highly recommend her CD to anyone who likes stuff that’s cool.

On a side note, I noticed that Adele was born the month I graduated from high school. So I officially feel like an old dude now.