I have gotten out of the habit of reading James Lileks’s page. That’s probably going to change since I read this piece discussing Mark Steyn’s article on the decline of the West.

This section was pretty cutting.

I do not worry about libertinism. I worry about libertines who think the greatest threat to the imminent Utopia is a Wal-Mart exec who refuses to stock a CD because the lyrics celebrate shooting cops in the head, or who think that uptight repressed Christers are six inches and five days away from replacing the Constitution with the plot of “A Handmaiden’s Tale.”

In a later section he takes to task critics of the West who can’t bring themselves to criticize Islamists.

If the Islamists were Christians, they’d be motivated. That threat they understand, because that threat sounds like Mom and Dad, and they would dimly comprehend that the threat to their liberties – their civilization, for that matter – is sorta like grounding and loss of TV privileges.

As they say, read the whole thing.

(Via Instapundit)