Focus and Motivation

While perusing information on EA Sports Active workout software for the Wii, I checked out the videos they have posted at Amazon. In one of them co-developer, Bob Greene, spoke about his dislike for New Year’s resolutions and how he prefers daily resolutions for meeting your fitness goals. I strongly agree with this approach. The times when I’ve had the most success with my fitness routines were the times when I made them a daily focus.

But maintaining focus over a period of time can be difficult. It certainly has been for me. Setting smaller, more manageable goals probably helps. Another approach is to establish rewards for meeting your goals. I plan on using the reward technique to help motivate myself to get down to a healthier weight. So if I can manage to get down to a target weight of 185, I’m totally getting one of these.

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  1. Not on your life Mister!

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