Mea Culpa
Much to my abject horror and shame, I’m afraid I incorrectly attributed the classic “Oh Lonesome Me” to Hank Williams rather than to it’s actual author Don Gibson. I deeply regret the error and apologize any Gibson fans I might have offended.

hold-timeOne of the things I really like about the site, Thunderstruck, is the fact that it frequently links to some pretty interesting musicians. Case in point, they recently linked to this review of M. Ward’s new album “Hold Time”. As the review stated, Ward’s views on music are very nostalgic. You can see this in the fact that he covers Buddy Holly’s “Rave On” as well as Hank Williams’ Don Gibson’s “Oh Lonesome Me”.

While his choice of cover songs significantly predisposed me to liking Ward, his straight up nod to William Blake in the song “Blake’s View” pretty much sealed the deal. There’s quite a bit to like on this album. The plaintive and bluesy “Jailbird” is a favorite of mine. And the rather overt “Fisher of Men” has a very catchy Johnny Cash style railroad beat.

Considering the fact that I consider American Graffiti to be George Lucas’ best movie, it’s not that big of a surprise that I would be impressed by an artist with a very retro sound. But I agree with the reviewer linked above when he says that the songs are also timeless and graceful. I loved the overall tone of the album. It has a delicate wistfulness to it, especially the instrumental track “Outro”. All in all this is a lovely album, and it makes me interested in checking out is project with singer/actress Zoey Deschanel called She & Him.