This morning The Girl was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I was getting her ready to leave for daycare. In today’s episode they were patronizing Goofy by telling him that it really didn’t matter that he had to artistic talent as long as he was having fun throwing paint on a canvas. To really hammer the whole “art should be fun” point home, they made Goofy so bad at pottery that he actually managed to cause the potter’s wheel to go spinning off out of sight.

Now rather than doing the sensible thing and going to retrieve the wheel to see how much damage Goofy had caused with his incompetence, they decided to let him have another go at creating a clay pot by employing their favorite deus ex machina, Toodles. They needed a Mousekatool to replace the potter’s wheel, so they naturally picked the record player. This made perfect sense to me, but my brother and I once used a plastic record player and tape deck to create our own radio station. Honestly, how many toddlers have any idea what a record player is? I imagine the whole cd player thing is getting a bit fuzzy for lots of them as well.

Long story short: I’m getting old, and I really miss The Six Million Dollar Man.