It’s funny how you can almost forget about a band you really enjoy. A couple of weeks ago I heard “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” by Spin Doctors on the radio. After I finished bopping along with the beat, it occurred to me that I hadn’t thought about them in quite some time. I really enjoyed them when they first hit the scene, but I lost track of them in the eighteen or so years since then.

Part of the issue is technological I think. Their debut album, Pocketful of Kryptonite, came out way back when people still bought music on cassette tapes. Their followup albums never made as big of a splash as the first, so by the time I moved from cassettes to cds, I had forgotten about them. It’s a little sad to think of all the cool music cast to the side to languish on the magnetic surface of those little reels tape.

I didn’t entirely forget about them of course. Long ago I figured out how to play the intro to “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues” on the guitar and would play a few bars of that from time to time. But I never actually got around to downloading the album until I caught them on the radio. I gave it a listen on Sunday to pass the time while I worked on cleaning the limbs remaining from the misbegotten tree trimming, and I have to say that it made the task much more bearable and funky.