Here is the last article of the late philosopher, Richard Taylor, to appear in Philosophy Now magazine. It deals with Stoic philosophy as it relates to self-determination. Taylor concludes with the following:

From this the Stoics concluded that, just as no external is of value to you, so also nothing can hurt you, except you yourself. What you are is entirely up to you.

It has been a while since I looked at Taylor’s Metaphysics, but if the quote reflects his feelings, then I must have misunderstood his discussion of fatalism. I will probably revisit the book to check on that since it is such an interesting piece of work. It is a bit of a downer in places since Taylor seemed to have a low opinion of people in some regards. If I remember correctly, he felt that you were wasting your life in some way if you weren’t creating something. That jarred me when I read it and probably acted as part of the impetus for me to start this site. Generating blog posts here and there isn’t much, but it is a start. I’ll try to post some thoughts on the book as I read sections of it. (Sort of an online book report)