Spider-Sense Tingling

I think I actually heard about the financial difficulties besetting Bono’s Spider-Man musical sometime last week. But I wasn’t actually able to bring myself to write anything about it because it took me several days to recover from the overwhelming sense of relief I was experiencing.

I mean…honestly…a Broadway musical about Spider-Man…written by Bono and The Edge? In what universe is that not lame?

But, alas, my relief my prove to be short lived. According to this article, even though the production is having cash flow problems, it is still scheduled to debut next February. And the quotes from Bono don’t exactly make me feel any better about the show’s prospects.

“Our Peter Parker is much more… not Kurt Cobain, but a kind of slacker, a more kind of shy sort of guy,” Bono told the BBC about how his and the Edge’s vision of the superhero will differ from the comic and recent films.

Wow, what a radical concept…a shy Peter Parker. Maybe they’ll also mix things up by making him nerdy and socially awkward too. Sweet Nibblets!!! Has Bono even read any Spider-Man comics before?

Oh, and the title of the show is “Turn Off The Dark”.

There are reasons that this site’s domain name isn’t “happypants.net”, and crap like the Spider-Man musical definitely makes the list.


  1. Bono needs to be stopped. Is all I’m saying.

  2. I think he just needs to stick to doing things that are in his bailiwick, such as being a self-righteous rock star. My justification for this view is that it gives me an excuse to use the term “bailiwick”.

  3. Yes, and you using terms like ‘bailiwick’ gives me the opportunity to call you a dork. We all have to stick to what works for us. I couldn’t agree more.

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