So the other day The Misses, The Girl and I were shopping at Target. This basically consisted of getting The Girl a bunch of stuff such as a Hungry, Hungry Hippos game and some Tinkertoys. Her latest strategy for getting us to buy her things is to say either “I don’t have one of those” or “but I love it” or some combination of the two.

Her technique still needs some work since she employs the “I don’t have one” line for practically every toy she sees. She also has a habit of declaring her love for items even when she doesn’t even know what they are. Of course, we still wind up loading the cart with toys so maybe she’s just staying with what works.

At any rate, at some point we wandered over by the young men’s clothing section where they usually keep the trucker hats and Rolling Stones t-shirts. Now I’m all about the cool t-shirts (even though The Misses doesn’t always appreciate just how cool they are). So I decided to see if they had anything new…which they did. There was a rack of t-shirt costumes for people too lazy to bother with a real costume. They had a fireman one and some other uniform, but quite frankly I didn’t really notice once I spotted the Marvel Comics shirts.

There was a Hulk shirt, one for Spider-Man and one for Captain America. Now my first reaction was to be giddy of course, since I’m a bit of a comic geek. But then I looked at the shirts a little more closely. The Captain America costume was basically a blue t-shirt with a white star on the chest and a few red and white stripes just below it. In other words it was basically an adult size version of the old Underoos tops from back in the day.

Naturally this made me rethink my opinion on the shirts. While I initially thought they were cool, I now had to face the fact that they were actually TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone to produce Underoos for adults? (Ok, you probably don’t want to know, and it’s a good thing The Misses didn’t find out while we were dating.) Plus they were only $7.50, so it took quite a bit of will power for me to limit myself to just the Captain America shirt.

The Misses has never been a comic reader, so she’s not familiar with Marvel’s old “What If?” series. But now she’ll get to see many repeat dramatizations of what a “What If Captain America Really, REALLY Let Himself Go” comic would look like in real life.