Presumptuous Meddlers

John Stossel is easily my favorite mustache-wearing libertarian journalist. He recently wrote a column (see here) taking the House of Representatives to task for their health care reform legislation. He does a pretty good job of describing my main concern with the whole health care reform movement from the Democrats with the following paragraph:

The 1,990-page bill is breathtaking in its bone-headed audacity. The notion that a small group of politicians can know enough to design something so complex and so personal is astounding. That they were advised by “experts” means nothing since no one is expert enough to do that. There are too many tradeoffs faced by unique individuals with infinitely varying needs.

I’ve noticed that liberals like to flatter themselves by thinking that they are smarter than average Americans. They also seem to think that if they are smarter than average Americans, then they should be allowed to make certain decisions for average Americans. Maybe liberals as a group are smarter than Americans on average. But even if they are, I don’t think they can effectively make decisions for the rest of the country.

Being smarter than the average American is all well and good, but it isn’t enough in this case. They critical issue is whether they are smart enough to manage something as massive and complicated as the health care system in this country. And I’m pretty sure they aren’t. I’m pretty sure no one is.

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  1. Did you read Ace’s essay on it? It’s not as good as Stossel, but it takes a harder view, starting with the fact that it’s going to make many, many Americans criminals for acts that have never in the history of humans been remotely illegal. We are halfway through the looking glass, darkly.

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