Or How Oxford University Press Lets Me Down Yet Again

So the good folks at New Oxford American Dictionary have once again picked their Word of the Year. And once again they have managed to be lame about it. This year’s word is “unfriend” as in “I like just totally unfriended him from my Facebook account”. While social networking sites are pretty popular, I don’t think they are popular enough for their jargon to gain wide acceptance. I’d be surprised if anyone was still using “unfriend” five or ten years from now.

Sadly, the lame choice for the winning word wasn’t even the most disappointing thing about this year’s competition. One of the words that was in the running was “teabagger” which is a derogatory sexual slur aimed at the tea party protesters. Of course, they might simply not be aware of the negative manner in which the term is generally applied since they are too busy working on their dictionary.

(via Neatorama)