A woman in Waterloo, Iowa really didn’t want to go to work. Neither did her boyfriend. Both worked at Tyson Foods, and both started taking time off back in December. Did they use their vacation time to get away? Nope. Did they tell a few white lies and call in sick from time to time? Negative.

What these geniuses did was claim that the woman’s 17 year old son was at the Mayo clinic and gravely ill. How gravely ill? Grave enough that they eventually had his obituary posted in their local paper. That’s right — they faked her son’s death just to get out of work. Sounds like the perfect plan doesn’t it? Perfect except for the part where some family friends spotted the boy’s apparent apparition at a local restaurant.

Now the cops are involved, and both are being charged for tampering with records. The whole affair is really quite sad and depressing. I felt terrible after reading the article. Of course that might have been because I noticed that her 17 year old son was born the year I graduated from high school.

(via Drudge)