I Hate Quietus

Like lots of cool people (William Shatner, for example) I suffer from tinnitus. This is a condition that causes one to have a constant ringing or buzzing in your ears. It can be caused by lots of things: genetics, listening to loud music or an overdose of awesomeness as in the case of Shatner. Regardless of the cause, the condition can be quite maddening. Plus there really aren’t many effective treatments for it.

So along come the folks at Quietus. They claim their supplement (or whatever it is) will rid you of your annoying ringing. Now I don’t know for a fact that Quietus is snake oil, but I seriously doubt that it works. But if people want to try it, more power to them. What I don’t like are their ads.

While my tinnitus can be annoying at times, it usually isn’t an issue. In fact, lots of times I don’t even notice it unless I think about it. Of course, it makes it harder to avoid thinking about it when you hear ads for tinnitus remedies on your drive into work in the morning. So I’ve been enjoying the ringing for most of the day thanks to Quietus. Good job guys.

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  1. I ordered Quietus. It was kind of expensive, but had a 30-day “no risk” guarantee. When I first ordered, the lady told me I would see results within 2-10 days.

    When I didn’t see results for 2 weeks, I tried returning it. The salesperson on duty told me to give it until the 30 days would be up, since I still had some time to give it a chance, so I did.

    It remained ineffective, so I called today to try to return it. This time I get a guy who says it takes 30-60 days to work, and that the reason I’m not seeing results is because I’m giving up too soon.

    He claimed that “no one ever returns this product” when they give it enough time. I answered, ” Well once the no-risk trial is up, why would they?”

    It then turned into a high-pressure sales situation. “Well, I guess you’ve decided you don’t want to get rid of the ringing in your ears” and “Since you don’t want to give the product enough time to work, here are your options”…

    Like you said, it’s an awful thing to deal with. Normally those types of pitches don’t work with me, but I REALLY would like a cure for this, and I’m thinking what if it DID help after two or three more weeks?

    I am still considering letting the money go and trying to see if Quietus will actually work eventually, when I’m almost sure it won’t. I just don’t appreciate them using the whole ‘scolding salesman’ technique with me, when i sought out their product because of what I consider a very serious and life-changing problem.

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