John McIntyre makes a good point over at Real Clear Politics. He takes issue with White House critics that reflexively oppose any actions that the administration takes to uncover information on possible terror attacks. His argument boils down to the following:

The more vigilant we are today in preventing attacks, the more it will pay off in spades in terms of protecting our civil liberties in the future. Because if this country gets hit with a small nuke and 30,000 or 100, 000 Americans die, all of the debating will be over. The ensuing crackdown will be massive, and the loss of REAL civil liberties will become very, very possible.

Too many on the left seem to view Bush as a bigger threat than the terrorists. Actually some even go so far as to say just that. That’s one of the reasons that I would have a hard time voting for a Democrat in the next election. Bush has not handled Iraq very well, but he does at least seem to take the threat of terrorism seriously. The Democrats, at this point in time, seem unable to stand up to the “Bush is a terrorist” wing of their party. Until they can, I won’t feel comfortable having them in charge of national security.