Ray Bradbury caused something of a stir earlier this week with the following comments:

We have too many cellphones. We’ve got too many Internets. We have got to get rid of those machines. We have too many machines now.

Needless to say, this wasn’t received well on the various geeky blogs, and lots of “get off my lawn” jokes were directed at the soon to be 90 year old writer. But I think he actually has a point.

Granted, I believe he takes his point too far. For example, he doesn’t want his books published in any digital form. But the idea that we are too plugged into our various machines is hardly crazy. While cellphones, laptops, and iPads can all be extremely useful, they can also be remarkable distractions.

It’s very easy to while away the hours surfing the web or checking in on Facebook or Twitter. And I’ve wasted countless hours just dorking around with various settings and layouts on this site alone. So I think I can see where Mr. Bradbury is coming from.

(via Hero Complex)