As usual, the last few minutes before leaving the house were spent in a frantic search for The Girl’s shoes. I suppose I could save myself some time by setting her shoes aside before bed every night, but that would just make life less exciting. At any rate, I finally found the shoes with the assistance of The Girl. And by “assistance” I mean she wandered around the house and occasionally stopped to strum the guitar set up in the living room.

Having located the shoes, we then made a mad dash for the car and actually managed to leave at least twenty minutes earlier than we have any other day this week. However, due to the distraction of the shoe hunt and my gernal forgetfulness, we managed to leave her swim vest behind. Friday being Swim Day, this turn of events was clearly less than optimal. Fortunately I learned the last time I forgot the life vest that they do have extras at daycare, so I didn’t worry about it too much once I actually remembered I was supposed to have it.

After we got about halfway to daycare, it apparently occurred to The Girl that we didn’t have her swim vest, so she naturally commented on this fact. Since I didn’t want her to get upset about it, I reassured her that they had extras at school. My reassurance turned out to be unnecessary, since she remarked about how she had borrowed a classmate’s vest last I her’s was left behind. She said she had used Olivia’s swim vest and then she started tell me how Olivia had two vests. Naturally she proceeded to describing the vests, but before she did that, she issued the following clarification:

That’s Olivia the girl not Olivia the pig.

Getting her to daycare in the morning can be pretty hectic at times. But it can also be pretty entertaining sometimes too.