It appears that the anti-war crowd isn’t content to stick with the “chickenhawk” strategy. To be considered qualified to discuss the war in Iraq, you not only have to be enlisted and stationed there. Apparently you also are required to have the correct opinion of the war. Check out the comments in this Mediacitizen post on Lt. Gregg Murphy of the 278th Regimental Combat Team. It appears that Lt. Murphy has been publishing far too many positive letters and emails about the war to be taken seriously. And simply accusing the soldier of being a propagandist for the administration is not enough, as is evidenced by this section:

To learn more about the war from a real soldiers, visit Paul Rieckhoff’s organization, Operation Truth. Paul — who served for ten months in Iraq as an Infantry Platoon Leader in the 3rd Infantry and 1st Armored Divisions — tells me that Operation Truth works on behalf of ordinary enlisted soldiers to amplify their voice in our nation’s decisions regarding the military. His Website is an outlet for many who see their efforts and concerns being misrepresented by mainstream media.

So Murphy isn’t even a real soldier. It’s no wonder that the anti-war crowd has to constantly tell people that they support the troops. Perhaps they should be a little clearer and tell us that they support the troops that express the correct opinions.

(Via The Huffington Post)