One of the things that The Girl’s preschool emphasizes is teaching ethics. As a result I am frequently admonished by her to “always tell the truth”. It can get annoying sometimes since she frequently assumes that you agree to whichever particular demand she might be making and then accuses you of lying for not following through on doing something you never said you would do in the first place. I generally just let that slide since she’s only four and all. And since she hasn’t figured out that I’m not being completely straight with her about the monsters in her closet, I figure it basically evens out for the most part.

As a general rule though, I think she takes the honesty rule to heart. This past weekend is a good example. For Halloween this year, she dressed up as the cutest Dorothy you’ve ever seen, ruby slippers and all. I stayed on the sidewalk while she busied herself plundering various houses for candy, so I can’t say how many people commented on what a cute Dorothy she was. However, on one of the last houses of the night, I did hear her tell one person, “I’m not really Dorothy. I’m just wearing a Dorothy costume.