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Maybe it’s because I’m an engineer, or maybe it’s because I’m OCD, or maybe it’s because I’m just crazy, but I really enjoy examples of symmetry. Yesterday I was working on something that had the numbers 91019 and 1881 as identifiers. The fact that both of them read the same way backwards and forwards made me wayyyy happier than it probably should have, so I noted the coincidence to a coworker and remarked that they were palindromes. This prompted a brief discussion of palindromes as well as anagrams and ambigrams.

Sadly, the only examples of ambigrams that I know offhand are those mentioned in Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” (which probably wouldn’t read exactly the same if read backwards, but which certainly couldn’t read much worse). Previously, the only example of an anagram that I knew was Jim Morrison’s “Mr. Mojo Risin”. However, my coworker pointed out that “Britney Spears” is an anagram for “Presbyterians”, which is just the kind of weird little fact to completely make my day.

As far as palindromes go, I think the definitive example (practically the Platonic Ideal) is the following Weird Al song, “Bob”.


  1. Do you remember the moment you realized every phrase in “Bob” was an anagram, way before the video came out? That was a great moment!

  2. Mr. Grouchypants

    December 9, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Sadly, I don’t think I caught it the first time I saw the video for “Bob”. I think being a Dylan fanboy clouded my judgment.

    I do remember the moment I realized The Truth About Santa though. I made the mistake of reading a World Book encyclopedia entry on him and was old enough to understand the word “mythological” (16 or 17 years old probably). That moment kind of sucked.

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