The First Avenger

I saw the trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie. It looked something like this…

I can’t saw that I was blown away by it. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but I was really hoping it would look more interesting. I was a big Avengers fan back in the day, and Cap was one of my favorite characters, so I really don’t want to see the character get screwed up on the big screen. If they do anything to try and make him darker or “edgier”, I’m liable to have a come-apart.


  1. Do you think they’re stripping him of his Americanness? The trailer I saw last night was a generic, “Here’s a super hero!” sort of thing. I am totally moody and sensitive about this, so I will admit to being very overreactive, but still. Why not just change his name to Captain Generic Western Hegemony already?

  2. Mr. Grouchypants

    February 7, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    I’m kind of worried that they’re going to tamp down on the patriotism. My biggest fear is that they’ll make him conflicted about serving his country somehow. While there’s some precedent in the comic for this given the days of Nomad, I really don’t want to see Cap get all angsty.

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