Here are a few things from the interwebs that I found interesting.

Star Trek vs. Dr. Who: If this picture were any cooler, it would be living over the Cunningham’s garage. (via io9)

The Doctors: This image has less Captain Kirk than the one above, but it makes up for it by having a lot more Doctors. A really large version can be found here. (via blastr)

And to prevent a wicked cool overload, I’m going to balance it out with a hearty helping of lame. What’s that you say? It would have to be lame on an epic scale to even begin to balance out the Star Trek/Dr. Who picture alone?

That’s very true. But gaze upon this story and despair. Someone actually thinks that a great way to sell Obamacare to the people is to present the argument in comic book form. I’m guessing they’re trying to reach “the kids” with this one.