Time Waits For No Man

A friend of mine sent me this link about Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner appearance at Emerald City Comicon. Apparently, they spent most of their time cracking jokes and doing Picard impersonations to the delight of the crowd.

Someone in the comments section pointed out that the actors are now as old as the cast of The Original Series was when The Next Generation premiered. I didn’t bother to verify this on IMDB, but the time differences are pretty much the same. I was a big fan of The Next Generation back in the day, and I remember how old The Original Series seemed back then.

Naturally, this led me to thinking about grandfather clocks.

When The Next Generation originally aired, it was shown at 10:30 on Saturday nights in my particular neck of the backwoods. So every weekend, my brothers and I would gather around the television to catch the latest exciting adventures of Captain Picard and crew. It was important to get there on time since my parents didn’t own a VCR then (or have cable, for that matter). So anything that distracted from the show was a major annoyance.

Now my father has always had a thing for clocks, and most of the rooms in the house had at least one clock of some kind. You would experience multiple mini time zone changes anytime you walked across a room. Most of the clocks didn’t chime; however, three of the clocks in the TV room did. So, invariably, at a crucial moment for the crew of the starship Enterprise, one of the clocks would begin to chime, then another would, and then another until all 33 rings were finally completed.

Not having a DVR with a pause button, all we could do was to shake our fists at the sky or maybe go to the kitchen for some cheese puffs and hope for the best. Which would bring me back to my original point, but I’m not sure I ever actually had one.

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  1. I believe you were circling the crazy drain at a steadily increasing velocity. That could just be from my insight into your situation, or it may be readily apparent to the general public.

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