Lessons Learned

Here is a list written by The Misses on some of Life’s hard lessons.

What I learned on my Memorial Day vacation:

  1. A 4 month old can only ride for 8 hours in the car without going into total baby meltdown.
  2. On a holiday weekend it takes 10 hours to get to my father’s house. (See above)
  3. In meltdown mode a baby can turn an amazing assortment of shades of red. None of them pretty.
  4. Listening to “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” incessantly will make you go mad.
  5. “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” madness is preferable to baby screams.
  6. No matter how many window shades you put up in your car the sun will always find a way to shine directly in the baby’s face when she is finally starting to drift off.
  7. You will find an interesting conglomeration of people stopped in our nation’s rest areas, especially on a holiday.
  8. A baby gives perfect strangers license to comment on, talk to and even touch said child. (See #7)
  9. Sweet potatoes make for interesting baby spit-up.
  10. In four days a well meaning dog sitter can turn normally lean dogs into chubby puppies regardless of explicit feeding directions.

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  1. This is too funny!

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