Words To Live By

The following passage comes from this article from Reason.com on the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson’s latest project.

And as strange as it seems, artistically speaking, the Jews could use Gibson on this one. The story of Hanukkah isn’t only the tale of miraculous candles and Christmas envy, you know. It’s about slaying unarmed Hellenistic interlopers and taking names (afterward). It is about populist Jewish rebellion, the unsheathing of theocratic swords and the struggle for freedom (Jewish freedom, anyway). Surely, this kind of material can’t be entrusted to some hand-wringing, weak-kneed director who will slather his Jewish liberal sensibilities all over history. Have you seen Steven Spielberg’s Munich? No, we need crazy on this.

“We need crazy on this.”

I think I just found my new motto.

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  1. I’ll take it if you don’t want it!

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