Like a lot of nerds, I followed yesterday’s announcement of the new Kindle Fire from Amazon. And, like a fanboy, I went ahead and pre-ordered one. This looks like it could seriously shake up the tablet market, in no small part due to its $200 price tag.

I’m a bit curious about the name though. While I think it’s smart for Amazon to stick with the Kindle brand, “Fire” does sound kind of cheesy. Are they hoping to allude to the idea that this tablet will set fire to the tablet market? Maybe. Or maybe Bezos just thinks it’s a cool name.

Of course, being the dork that I am, it occurred to me this morning that they might be trying for a slightly more obscure (and definitely weirder) reference with the name. They are no doubt hoping that the low price tag encourages large numbers of people to purchase the item. If that happens, the Fire could very well be the device that takes the tablet craze mainstream and puts the devices in the hands of the average, non-geek consumer.

If that happens, then Amazon will be bringing the tablet to the masses just as Prometheus brought Fire to humanity.

Is that what Bezos was thinking? Probably not, but I haven’t posted in a while, and this is pretty much all I got right now.