Pocket Full of Sunshine

Fall is finally here (Yayyy!). It’s my favorite time of year, but not because of football, or leaves changing color, or school starting back, or the crispness of the air, or anything weird like that.

Nope. Fall is my favorite season because the weather finally cools off enough for me to wear jackets, which means I finally get to have some extra POCKETS. Score! After all, what could be cooler than pockets? Nothing except MORE POCKETS. With these additional pockets I can easily carry things like pens, my phone, Moleskine notebooks, falling stars, and more pens.

Now some spoil sports might ask why I need to carry all these things. After all, you only need one notebook and one pen to jot down and insightful blog post. Some might even argue that this blog technically doesn’t even require that many. But these remarks miss the point, which is that I can now easily carry four or five pens AT THE SAME TIME! Look… you can argue with me, but you can’t argue with Mathematics.

So Happy Fall, Y’all. And be sure to check out The Pen Addict, which I have helpfully added to my blogroll.

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  1. Doesn’t your lovely little smartphone make all those pens and notebooks superfluous?

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