I’ve been on the Google+ for a few months now, but I don’t follow that many people. I actually prefer it that way, since I’m primarily interested in the service as a way to keep in touch with just a few family members and friends. I’d probably follow a few more famous people, but there don’t seem to be too many interesting folks on the site now. I think Google screwed up the rollout of the service by leaving it in private beta too long, which caused a lot of people to get bored with it before it became publicly available.

As it stands now, I’m only following three celebrities: Adam Carolla, Hugh Jackman, and the Dalai Lama. Carolla’s feed is useful for seeing if he has an interesting guest on his podcast. The Dalai Lama’s post are helpful if you need to be reminded to be nice to other people. For the record, I don’t forget to be nice, I just generally choose not to. But he’s one of the few famous people I’ve actually seen in person, so there’s that.

And then there’s Hugh Jackman. He doesn’t have a podcast or travel the world promoting peace and stuff. He seems to mainly post pictures of himself. Now this might strike one as being rather vain behavior. But that is only because it most likely is vain behavior.

Now I’m not going to get on my high horse and pass judgement on Jackman for plastering the interwebs with pictures of himself. I would personally never post tons of pictures of myself on my Google+ page, but I’m not going to hold his picture posting against him. Now some (and by “some” I mean The Misses) might say, “Well, you might not post pictures of yourself, but you also don’t look like Hugh Jackman.” My response to that would probably be to quietly weep for a minute. But after I had regained my composure, I would probably say that I wouldn’t post pictures of myself online even if I did look like this.

What I would do, if I looked like that, is to make a bunch of 8 x 10’s of myself and hand them out to people at grocery stores. That way I could actually get to see the looks on their faces as they enjoy photographic evidence of my hotness. That’s much more personal than simply throwing some pictures up on the intertubes, and I could pick up some bacon while I’m there.