No, I’m not talking about God vs. Satan. I’m talking about a much more heated rivalry: Marvel vs. DC. The Washington Post has a nice writeup about the ongoing competition between these two comic juggernauts.

Personally, I’ve always been a Marvel guy. But I became a bit worried when I read the following section in the article.

DC Comics, led by Superman, was for people who adored the fantasy, the Ubermensch triumphant. These readers loved skyscrapers and archvillains and sidekicks, billowing flags, unerring ethical strength.

Marvel, led by Spider-Man, was a place for the smart but troubled reader, the deeply weird. They loved the night, the underground, accidents in the lab. All that dialogue, so many thought balloons! The heroes always on some emotional ledge, and the hubris of it all — a grittiness that came with saving the world.

Weird? Ok, I’ll give them that one, but “deeply weird”? That’s just a bit harsh. Couldn’t I have just thought Spider-Man was cool without being troubled?

(via GetReligion)