Why does the Left in this country insist on trying to frighten us with the idea of the Religious Right setting up a theocracy in this country? If they want to check under their beds every night to make sure that Pat Robertson isn’t there, then they are more than welcome. But I would really prefer they didn’t insult our intelligence by expecting us to lose any sleep over him. We aren’t living in a theocracy, and there is very little danger that we will be living in one tomorrow or anytime in the near future.

Are there people in this country that would like to set up a theocracy? Yes indeedly doodly. So what? There are people here that would like to kill everyone’s TV and stop beef production. It’s a big country, and you can find lots of assorted nuts here. But their desire isn’t sufficient to bring about any of their ideas. The Religious Right can wish for a Christian state all they want, but they can’t change the laws unless they convince enough people to get behind them. And most people (even religious ones) won’t have any patience with wannabe theocrats trying to tell them how to live.

Think about it. What will be some of the first things that the theocrats want to take away? Alcohol and football on Sunday. Can you see the voters in this country rolling over for that? I can’t.

Then there is the matter of getting all the theocrats organized enough to set up a theocracy in the first place. What are the odds that they could even come to an agreement on which religious laws to set up? The ensuing discussions would just break down, and they would have nothing to show for it except a few dozen new denominations.

Now I could be wrong about this. Pat Robertson and his minions could have just lulled me into a false sense of security in preparation for arresting me for heresy. But a theocracy isn’t the kind of thing that gets set up overnight. So until they stop selling booze at Wal-Mart, I’m not going to worry about it.