Someone once asked Jimmy Page why he got into music. He said that he saw Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show and realized that music was what he was going to spend his life doing. Or something like that.

Like a lot of guys, I’ve always dreamed of playing guitar in a rock band. And if I’m honest with myself, I guess my dream shares most of the motivations that other wannabe rockers have. Those motivations being fame, chicks, fortune, chicks, and the thrill of playing in front of adoring crowds (of chicks). But I also wanted to make it big as a rocker so that I could get the chance to answer the same question Page was asked since I already have an answer prepared. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.

Guitar Magazine: So Mr. Grouchypants, what made you decide to get started in music?

Me: Well, one night I was watching Friday Night Videos, and they played the video for Pseudo Echo’s remake of Funky Town. I thought the guitar solo part looked really cool, so I decided that I need to get in on that.

You’ve been a great crowd! See ya!