Today I was thinking about the Twilight Zone episode starring Dick York as a guy who gained the ability to read people’s minds after a coin he tossed to pay for a newspaper landed and stayed balanced on its edge. I’m not sure how exactly that would grant one telepathic powers, but I’m going to assume that Serling knew what he was doing and not worry about it too much. Naturally, York’s character spends quite a bit of the episode listening in on the thoughts of the people around him. And when he hears them, they sound just like the voices of the people to whom they belong.

From what I can tell, this is the standard way that mind reading is represented. But I think there might be a slight problem with it. While it doesn’t seem all that weird to suppose that we would imagine our thoughts sounding like our voice, I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume they would sound the same. I suppose they might sound something like our actual voice, but as anyone who has heard a recording of himself can tell you, the way we imagine our voice to sound doesn’t usually match exactly how our voice really sounds.

So there you go.

You know, this post sounded much cooler in my head.