There are now only two episodes remaining in season three. While I still enjoy the show, I’d prefer it go its own way rather than draw too much from the comics. My fear is that Kirkman has too much say on the direction of the story. I can appreciate him wanting to retain control over his creation, but I wasn’t too impressed with the comic. Maybe I was prejudiced by the fact that I watched the show before I started reading the series, but the characters on the show seem far more developed than in the comic. Then there’s the fact that the most interesting character on the show (Daryl) didn’t even originate in the comic.

So I’d prefer that once they wrap up the Prison/Woodberry showdown, they move on to something that isn’t related to the comic. Sure, that might anger some of the fans of the comics, but they seem to get angry anytime an episode doesn’t have enough scenes of Michonne hacking up zombies with her sword. And quite frankly, the zombie fights are some of the least interesting things about the show. The interesting stuff is watching the characters try to hold on to their humanity in a world that gone to hell.