Now I like cool gadgets and gizmos as much as the next guy, but why are some people so attached to their Bluetooth cellphone headsets? Everywhere you go you see these pseudo-cyborgs going about their business with this large piece of plastic clinging to their ear.

If they are in the middle of a conversation, it makes perfect sense for them to wear the earpieces. It might make them appear to be talking to themselves, but at least they have a reason for looking like a Borg. But it seems that the current trend is for the device to be worn even when one isn’t on the phone. Why? Do they have to be able to answer every call instantaneously?

Several weeks ago, my wife and I were eating at a sub shop. There was a young couple eating there, and the guy was wearing a headset the entire time they were there. While he did appear to be a salesman from a cellular dealer a few doors down from the sub place, would it have killed him to take the thing off while he was having dinner? What he was basically saying to his dinner date was that his conversation with her was not as important as whatever random phone call he might receive.