I considered posting something yesterday so I’d have at least one post in the month of September. Then I realized that would be even more lame than not having any posts in September. On the plus side, it does make my “I don’t feel tardy” tagline kind of ironic.

Speaking of months…since it’s October, I’m going to read some Kerouac. I basically ripped the idea of Kerouac October off of Maverick Philosopher, Bill Vallicella. I think I’m going to give Desolation Angels another shot. I’ve tried reading it a couple of times before, but have never managed to make it all the way through it.

Same Trailer Different Park by Kacey Musgraves is an excellent album. I highly recommend it. Here’s the video for ‘Merry Go Round’.

I just recently starting watching Breaking Bad because my brother was going on about how great it is. So now I’m going to have to binge watch it while trying to avoid stumbling across any spoilers on the interwebs.

I’m currently taking an online introductory philosophy class offered by MIT and edX. It will be interesting to see how well the online format works. And hopefully I’ll be able to get some blogging material out of it.