As anyone paying attention is well aware, lots of people are losing their current health insurance plans. Naturally, this is a major political headache for the President given his repeated assurances that if you liked your coverage, you could keep your coverage (PERIOD!). By extension, it is also a major problem for Democrats. So it’s not surprising to see some of them pushing back against the story.

A favorite argument seems to go a little something like this.

“Sure some people are losing their coverage, but they had really crappy coverage anyway. The Obamacare regulations ensure that they will now be able to get better, more comprehensive plans. So even if they are paying more, they’re getting a better deal.”

Now I can’t say with certainty that the government won’t do a better job of setting standards for insurance policies than the existing market does. Who knows, maybe the folks that wrote the policy requirements are smart enough to manage something as involved as the healthcare market. On the other hand, this same administration took over 3 years and spent over 600 million dollars building a web portal that doesn’t really work.

I guess we just have to hope that managing the healthcare market is too complicated for the free market but not as complicated as building a web portal.