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Have you ever been shopping for groceries and found yourself lingering over a box of cereal wondering which political activities you’d be indirectly supporting by purchasing said box? Of course you haven’t. You aren’t a weirdo.

But fortunately for all the weirdos, someone has created an app that lets you scan products and see where the product manufacturers and employees put their money politically. It’s called BuyPartisan and should be a boon to everyone whose life isn’t consumed enough with politics already. It was created by a guy named Matthew Colbert, who is a former campaign and Hill staffer according to this write-up in the Washington Post.

I really have a hard time understanding the appeal of this service. I’m a bit of a political junkie at times, but the idea of analyzing the political habits of whoever makes my sauerkraut strikes me as tedious waste of time. Even worse, I think it would indicate a very narrow-minded way of thinking. If you really feel compelled to insure that even your canned peas share your political views, you might want to consider whether you have an unhealthy fixation on politics.


  1. “you might want to consider whether you have an unhealthy fixation on politics”

    Well, lotsa people do. See a need, fill a need. 😉

  2. That’s true. This is just the free market at work.

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