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Mental Floss magazine is a veritable font of useful information. This valuable resource enables one to casually drop references to obscure facts into your daily conversations. By doing so, you can convince your friends and coworkers that you are more erudite than actually are (or just as weird as they already thought you were).

But you may ask yourself, “But how exactly can I harness the power of Mental Floss?”. It’s easy.

The following is an example of how one can appropriate Mental Floss knowledge into ordinary conversation. To save space, I only include the dialog spoken by the Mental Floss reader.

Hey guys! How’s it going? Did you notice that they’re making commercials with the Fruit of the Loom Guys again?

No? Well they are. And did you know that the guy in the brownish-yellow costume is supposed to be a fig leaf?

Yep, a fig leaf.

And did you know that the first actor to play the fig leaf was F. Murray Abraham? How about that?

F. Murray Abraham…he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Salieri in the movie, Amadeus.

No, no…Salieri. He was the really bitter guy that hated Mozart.

Well, anyway, he won an Oscar, and he was the original fig leaf guy. Pretty weird, huh?

Hey, you guys want to grab some lunch?

Really? I thought you had that meeting yesterday.

A follow-up meeting? Ok…well maybe later this week.

So get a copy of the magazine, and you could be that guy.

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  1. You have just given everyone an uncanny insight into our marriage.

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