Now I am still a relatively young man with many years ahead of me hopefully. And I imagine that with my remaining time I will accomplish many things, possibly even great things. But regardless of what I manage to do with the rest of my life, I can pretty safely say that I have already achieved something so impressive that I am not likely to surpass this feat even if I reach Dick Clark style longevity.
That feat of course was convincing the woman that I would eventually marry to agree to a second date after I spent an inordinate amount of time* discussing Monkees-related trivia on our first date.

*inordinate amount of time is naturally taken in this context to mean any time at all.


  1. LOL – oh my did I get a laugh out of this and I remember you telling me about it to. Yeah, Lisa actually agreed to go out with you again. Hope to talk to you and see you soon.

  2. Now, you’re looking at this all wrong, Grouchy. I say that the Monkee’s Test is a pretty good screening method to find a quality woman.

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