While I don’t believe in God, I’m not hostile to the idea. In fact, I would prefer there to be a God for a number of reasons. I am what you could call a friendly atheist. Regardless of labels, I am interested in the notion of God and enjoy discussing religious ideas. I actually attended an Episcopalian church for about a year while I was in college, hoping to be able to find others with whom I could discuss religious ideas.

However, I found that most of the people I met were not very interested in discussing their religion. And it wasn’t that I was being hostile when discussing God with them. I always tried to be respectful, yet I rarely found people willing to talk about it at any length. This has always struck me as odd. Supposedly one’s religion is fundamental to one’s life. If something is that important to you, shouldn’t you want to talk about it? At the very least, shouldn’t you be able to talk about it without appearing uncomfortable?

I suspect that most people don’t talk much about their religion simply because they don’t think about it very much. If one views religion as something you do rather than as an intellectual exercise, this is understandable to a degree. On the other hand, religion does involve a lot of ideas, some of which aren’t particularly trivial. So why not reflect on those ideas from time to time?

And I have considered the possibility that they simply didn’t want to discuss religion with ME. I just don’t think that can explain all of it. And who wouldn’t want to talk to me anyway? I do it all the time and rarely get on my nerves.