The Democrats frequently criticize President Bush for not making use of diplomacy to resolve conflicts with other nations. This unwillingness on his part makes the U.S. appear arrogant and alienates other countries. But would the Democrats be able to do any better? Could they put an end to U.S. arrogance as Senator Clinton recently claimed?

I tend to doubt it.

If the Democrats are actually skilled at diplomacy, why should they have to inform us of this fact? Couldn’t they simply demonstrate to us how diplomatic they can be? They have to perfect opportunity to do just that since they have regained control of Congress. They should apply their diplomatic prowess to talks with President Bush and Republican members of Congress.

They would like us to think that they would be able to get the leaders of places like Iran and North Korea to reach agreements with the U.S., even though both countries can be viewed as hostile to U.S. interests. If that is the case, then it should be a pretty simple matter for them to reach an agreement with their fellow Americans.