Cathy Young has an article dealing with attempts by some feminists to paint SCOTUS nominee, John Roberts, as being “anti-woman”. The offensive against him already seemed pretty lame. I didn’t realize how lame until I read a couple of interesting items in this column.

First there’s this:

In, legal correspondent Dahlia Lithwick finds that even if the feminist ideas Roberts criticized were bad, it doesn’t get him off the hook because he criticized them in a disrespectful tone.

So even if he was right, he was still wrong. Got it. But it gets better.

In Lithwick’s view, Roberts may be nothing less than ‘’a woman-hater.” Her smoking gun? An article he once wrote opposing the gender integration of an all-boy Catholic school, which included a sexist joke about giggling and blushing blondes in the classroom. This article was written in 1972, when Roberts was a 17-year-old high school junior. Maybe some intrepid reporter will dig deeper and find out what he said about girls in kindergarten.

That’s real horror show stuff folks. Roberts had better pray that no one uncovers any remarks he might have made about girls and cooties when he was in grammar school.

(Via RealClearPolitics)