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Baby DiscoWhen I was a kid, my father bought comic books for my brothers and me. Of course, he read them as well. For this reason, I have long suspected that he was simply using us as an excuse to indulge his love of comic books. I might resent this had the the Spider-Man or Avengers comics not kicked so much ass.

Living vicariously through one’s children is a time-honored tradition. Parents frequently steer their children into hobbies that they enjoy, such as sports, music, and dressing up as pirates. And I suspect that most of the time it is perfectly healthy for the kids provided that the parent isn’t too overbearing about it.

I am naturally assuming that the activities the parents are encouraging are appropriate for children. Comics, sports and even dressing as pirates seem like perfectly harmless things for kids to do (adult pirate play being at least somewhat iffy). But what if the kids are participating in something not generally considered kid-friendly? What if the parents are taking their kids to nightclubs? “Unbelievable”, you say? “Not so fast”, I say. Welcome to the world of Baby Loves Disco.

What is Baby Loves Disco exactly? This is how the article describes it.

The event is a midday soiree specifically for the Mommy-and-me set – a nationwide phenomenon known as Baby Loves Disco. One afternoon each month, local organizers take over a nightclub – complete with a cash bar and the regular DJ spinning his normal playlist – and throw open the doors to anyone under the age of 7, accompanied by parents.

Naturally, all of the hipster parents love the outings. They get to go clubbing without the kids putting a crimp in their style. But, shockingly enough, not everyone thinks that children and nightclubs are a good mix.

“One of the major premises revealed in [Baby Loves Disco] is that we’ve shifted from a child-friendly to an adult-driven lifestyle,” says Lynne Griffin, an author and registered nurse who teaches in the Family Studies graduate program at Boston’s Wheelock College. “What we’re seeing increasingly is adults sharing a lifestyle with their children that is geared towards adult needs for everything from sleep to daily activities such as entertainment and communication.”

From the looks of it, this can probably be attributed to simple selfishness. The parents don’t want to have to give up part of the carefree lifestyle they enjoyed before they had kids. These events allow them to go to nightclubs while pretending they are doing something for their kids. A more accurate name for the program would be “Mommy and Daddy Love Disco”.

(via The Inkwell)

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  1. Heh! As a former disco queen, I agree with you!

    I did teach my boys to love the comics, though. Hubby could never understand it. But they read the newspaper’s funny pages every day, and it’s all my fault.

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