Quit Whining!

ComplaintA preacher in Kansas City, MO stumbled upon a brilliant idea to get his congregation to shut the hell heck up already. How did he do this? By giving them some of those cheap elastic wristbands that are all the rage with the kids these days.

This Kansas City Star* article explains.

It was a pastor’s simple idea: Just stop complaining.

And to help his congregation remember, the Rev. Will Bowen gave each one a purple bracelet stamped with the word spirit.

The challenge was to go 21 days straight without mumbling a complaining word and no gossiping and criticizing either. If a person slipped, the bracelet was to be switched to the other wrist, and the 21-day time period started over.

And apparently, the congregation bought it. On their website (acomplaintfreeworld.org) they have a list of folks who have managed to go three weeks without a discouraging word. And groups from all over the country have contacted them to get their own wristband muzzles.

Of course not everyone is onboard with this idea. One church that ordered some of the bracelets but returned them because they didn’t like their quality, thereby combining two of my favorite things: complaining and irony.

Now I don’t suppose anyone would be surprised that a guy with a site named “Mr. Grouchypants” would have a problem with something like this. But from a practical point of view, how are things supposed to get fixed if no one will voice concern for fear of breaking their “no wrist swapping” streak?

Oh yeah, and as a sign that the movement has gotten completely out of hand, they have a blog.

(This rant brought to you by an email from The Misses.)

*Note: The Roger Miller song “Kansas City Star” totally rules.


  1. I LOVE to complain. That bracelet would be hopping back and forth on my wrists so often I’d probably start to complain of the chafing.

    Not gossiping, though, well at least that’s a decent goal. Gossiping can hurt somebody.

  2. We are looking to get the whinny bracelets. Do you know how?

  3. Here is a link to their order form. It looks like they provide them free of charge.

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