A group of jackasses can be referred to as a pace, herd or drove. Flash Mob also seems appropriate.

More than 4,000 clubbers danced through the rush hour at Victoria station in Britain’s biggest flash mob stunt.

Maybe I’m being unnecessarily grouchy, but stunts like this just strike me as narcissistic. The group can’t just go to a club or somewhere to dance, oh no. They have to crowd into a train station so that everyone can see how hip and cool they are.

And what if the crowd inconveniences some people or maybe even causes some of them to miss their train? That doesn’t seem to have been a big concern to the flash mob. At least it wasn’t a concern of University of London student, Lucy Dent.

“I didn’t even notice the commuters. When you get into the dancing you’re oblivious to them and forget you’re at a railway station.”

Inconveniencing others just so you can shake your groove thang doesn’t make you a fun-loving free spirit. It makes you a self-centered jerk.