Consumers are getting angry with high gas prices. In some cases their anxiety is so high that they must resort to the only logical recourse available to them. That’s right, they have to take it out on the gas station employees. We all know that the folks running the registers at the stations are the real power behind the oil and gas industry. If enough consumers yell at them, perhaps they will do the decent thing and lower the price of gas. Right?

Sarcasm aside, this type of behavior will not come as a shock to anyone who has worked in a gas station. I’m sure the rising costs are increasing the tensions, but people have been abusive to cashiers for years. When I was working at a Hell Shell station ten years ago, I averaged about one jackass a day. Some people seem to think that convenience store clerks are their personal whipping boys. No doubt these same people would scream bloody murder if people came to their place of work and harrassed them about something which was out of their control.