It Takes Two

One of the secrets to maintaining a healthy marriage is realizing that the two people involved are distinct individuals with unique opinions and perspectives. Even a couple with lots of things in common can still have strong disagreements on some issues. This happens from time to time in my marriage. Though The Misses and I are on the same page on many topics, there are some fundamental things about which we strongly disagree. This can best be illustrated with an example.

Recently I purchased a t-shirt similar to this one but tan in color rather than red.


Our perspectives on this shirt are quite different.

My view:
This shirt is a cool retro homage to a classic American icon as rendered by one of the all-time great comic book artists.

Her view: This shirt is one more reason I shouldn’t be allowed to dress myself.

Our relationship is able to survive these sorts of disagreements. Why? Because we both recognize that the other person will not always agree.

(I suppose it could also be attributed to the fact that I haven’t actually worn the shirt out in public. Yet.)


  1. LOL – one more reason for you not be allowed to dress yourself! OMG – just too funny!

  2. Sadly, this isn’t a joke. Just reporting the facts.

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