I thought that the Republicans were supposed to be the party of big business while the Democrats were the party looking out for the little guy(and gal). If that is so, then why is it that Democrats are the ones defending the right of the government to seize your property so that a developer can build a shopping mall on it? According to Reason editor, Matt Welch, one reason the Democrats are defending eminent domain is that conservatives are against it.

So where is that Democratic Party concern for the “little guy” we’ve heard so much about? Subsumed by paranoia about the right. “The Kelo backlash is tempting, but it’s wrong,” warned Alyssa Katz in American Prospect Online. “In seeking to limit public power over urban planning, well-meaning community activists are lending strength to [the] conservative movement.”

I imagine the additional tax revenues generated by the new malls and Wal-Marts also influence the thinking of some of the politicians.