There’s been some buzz lately about the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Apparently scientists at Oxford are claiming that some of the mathematics of quantum theory follow from assuming a many worlds view. I think they also claim that multiverses can also account for the probabilistic nature of the world as described by quantum mechanics.

This is certainly an exciting development, but I think too much is being made of it. I’ve seen a few online articles that have referred to the research at Oxford as “proof” of the many worlds interpretation. From what I gathered from reading the New Scientist article on the subject, the research has only made the theory more plausible by giving it a more rigorous mathematical underpinning.

I still think the multiverse view falters when one applies Ockham’s razor to it. Using an infinite set of universes to explain the existence of our universe seems to needlessly complicate the issue. Why not just take our universe as a brute fact rather than postulating an infinite number of universes?

Still, the new work allows one to speculate about time travel and other cool phenomena. And it gives the author of this article an excuse to use a picture of the latest incarnation of the Doctor, so it can’t be all bad.