Same As It Ever Was

It is one of the consolations of aging that experience allows us to repeat fewer of the same mistakes. At least that how it is supposed to work. Being human, we can frequently find ways to ignore experience and get the better of ourselves. Such is my tale of woe.

When I was in high school, one of my main distractions was getting together with my best friend to jam. Being the young artistes that we were, we would write our own songs from time to time. However, I was never what you would call a prodigious songwriter. The reason for this was that I had convinced myself that the only music that was worthwhile was music that was “deep” and had a message (hence my enjoyment of Midnight Oil). Therefore, everything that I wrote had to have some kind of point behind it.

The problem, of course, was that this self-imposed limit prevented me from writing a lot of songs. But the only way to improve your writing is to do more writing, so my songwriting never really progressed very far. I think I turned a couple of clever phrases here and there, but I never really crafted a cool song.

So fast forward to the 20th anniversary of The Joshua Tree, and I’m still the same committing the same writing sins.

One of my goals for this site is to get practice writing. Yet I frequently find myself doing everything except writing material for it. I dork around with the software running the blog, but writing code just isn’t the same as writing essays or jokes or songs. And editing php files isn’t going to turn me into Kerouac anytime soon. So a change is in order. From now on, no more wasting time trying to come up with some meditation on the problem of evil when I could be writing about how the third season of Doctor Who kicked some major ass.

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  1. Rock on!!!!! Also, I 2nd the quote about Doctor Who kicking major ass this past season!

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